What is a project?


Projects can be commonly defined as a coordinated group activity to achieve a certain goal or result. They can be distinguished from day-to-day business by having a certain beginning and end in time, in addition scope and resources are always exactly defined. Since execution of projects require a special organization, it often includes people who don´t usually work together – sometimes across multiple companies and geographies. Last but not least projects are always unique, they are not part of daily routine operations.

Organization of Projects

In order to deliver the requested results in time, in budget and in quality, an effective organization of projects is crucial for success. The key to it can be found in the planning phase, because creating a plan is the first thing that should be done when undertaking projects. Be sure to follow the details and planning steps carefully because planning errors can hardly be corrected in further phases of venture execution. A thumb rule states, that about 30% of project´s entire time budget should be invested in planning. In addition, effective organization in projects means to identify and describe all key roles and responsibilities in particular and to find clear terms for all roles and tasks within project´s work-flow. When performing a venture, the three constraints time, cost and scope should always be obeyed, keeping them in a mutual balance will lead to successful results.

To choose appropriate project management methods and to select powerful software and tools are important preconditions to reach the goals. Language barriers and cultural differences might handicap project´s efficiency and slow down its pace. Especially in cross-cultural projects, managers are well advised to make sure that goals and tasks cannot be misinterpreted by staff or stakeholders. Adequate socials skills are a must to activate maximum power within the team and to overcome difficulties. Furthermore, interfaces to partners or sponsors should be clearly defined and kept alive by regular meetings and reviews.

What is a project – Project Management

Modern project management gathers the knowledge and strategic competency to perform projects in an efficient and cost saving way. Main duty is to keep projects in time, budget and quality during execution. Since projects tend to become more and more complex, a flexible management strategy is needed to provide necessary information in time and to adjust projects to various general conditions. It is crucial that project´s management will response to unforeseen plan variances in time by taking appropriate actions.


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